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Our unique rollup/removable panels have been carefully designed to allow the customer maximum flexibility when enclosing their carport, canopy or garden cover. The panels can be fitted to one or all openings of your structure, but instead of being permanent, can be easily removed or simply rolled up when not needed.

The material used is 610 gram reinforced PVC material, similar to that used on luxury yachts and cruise liners. It is durable but lightweight, the perfect combination for a semi-permanent enclosure panel. The material is weatherproof and fade resistant, however we do advise removal in extreme conditions to avoid potential damage. The panels are connected to each other by heavy duty zips to allow for fast and safe removal in those circumstances. To see how it fixes to your existing carport, garden canopy or other structure please view our fitting guide.

The removable solution is the enclosure for you if you would like the option of having your carport or canopy as an open structure for the summer months and then close it up to create a useable space in the colder weather. The panels come in white as standard but other designs are available on request, just speak to one of our friendly advisors for full details.

At LuMac we believe in providing affordable solutions which are simple in design, to give the customer the option of fitting the product themselves. The ordering process is also straightforward so that we can deliver the perfect product within a time frame that suits you. The list of items included in your enclosure kit can be found on this page, along with a link to diagrams of each component provided.

Please find below our measuring guide and online quote request form. We can provide any size needed, but if you have any specific enquiries please contact us on 01462 888073.

For example pictures of removable canopy enclosures - Click here.


Once you have sent LuMac your quote request in the form below we will respond with a price. If you would like to order we can accept payments via debit/ credit card, PayPal or BACS (bank transfer). If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us:


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  • Keder Aluminium Track.
  • Keder along edge of panel.
  • High quality 610grm PVC Panel.
  • Including weight pocket at the bottom.
  • 10mm Steel weight bar for bottom of the panel.
  • Straps and clips around posts.
  • Straps and hooks for fastening when rolled up.
  • Zips to connect panels together.




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