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Our fixed panel solution is designed to be a permanent fixture which can transform your canopy or carport into a part, or fully enclosed area.

The materials used are 16mm polycarbonate, the same material as the roof panels on standard LuMac canopies, or our clear as glass premium option, which is 6mm plate polycarbonate. These materials' have been selected by us as they are durable, weatherproof and the strongest on the market. The 16mm polycarbonate is available in a range of finishes: clear, opal and bronze to suit your current structure.

The fixed panel option is the solution for you if you require either one, or all open sections of your canopy to be enclosed but still like the natural light afforded by this product. The fixed panels provide privacy, protection from the elements and, if used on all sides, can transform your canopy into that much needed extra room all year round. Suitable for garden covers, carports, alleys, walkways, smoking shelters and even to protect your stylish hot tub, LuMac fixed panel enclosures are both versatile and extremely functional.

At LuMac we believe in providing affordable solutions which are simple in design, to give the customer the option of fitting the product themselves. The ordering process is also straightforward so that we can deliver the perfect product within a time frame that suits you. The list of items included in your enclosure kit can be found on this page, along with a link to diagrams of each component provided.

Please find below our measuring guide and online quote request form. We can provide any size needed, but if you have any specific enquiries please contact us on 01462 888073.

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Once you have sent LuMac your quote request in the form below we will respond with a price. If you would like to order we can accept payments via debit/ credit card, PayPal or BACS (bank transfer). If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us:


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Frames - Powder coated Aluminium

Glazing - 16mm triple wall polycarbonate

Clear option - 6mm plate polycarbonate

Glazing border - Aluminium "F" section

Brackets - Aluminium

Screws - A2 self tapping


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The fitting guide outlines the tools you will need to fit the fixed side enclousre, what is provided in your enclousre kit and a comprehensive step by step guide.


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